Sale Of Industrial Grade Urea For Agriculture and Fertilizers: Sellers, Suppliers, Exporters and Wholesale Of Urea In Bulk

Sale of industrial grade urea for agriculture and fertilizers: Sellers, suppliers, exporters and wholesale of urea In bulk with the best price for sale

Premium Industrial Grade Urea for Agriculture and Fertilizers

Welcome to GUTIERREZALEU M.T., your trusted global source for high-quality industrial-grade urea for agriculture and fertilizers. As a leading seller, exporter, wholesaler, and distributor, we are dedicated to providing the finest urea products to meet the specific needs of the agricultural and fertilizer industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various types of urea, technical specifications, physical properties, industrial applications, and packaging options for bulk and wholesale export.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We understand the pivotal role urea plays in agricultural and fertilizer applications, and its quality is essential for achieving optimal results. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver the finest industrial-grade urea available worldwide.

Types of Industrial Urea

Industrial urea is available in different forms and grades, each tailored to specific agricultural and industrial applications. The following are the primary types of industrial urea:

  1. Standard Grade Urea

    • Specifications: Standard grade urea is a versatile and widely used form, suitable for various agricultural and industrial applications.
  2. High Purity Urea

    • Specifications: High purity urea is highly purified to meet stringent quality standards, making it ideal for applications where exceptional purity is required.

Technical Specifications

Urea is characterized by its technical specifications, which may vary depending on the type and intended use. The key technical specifications include:

  1. Nitrogen Content: Urea is valued for its nitrogen content, typically expressed as a percentage, and is crucial for its use as a nitrogen fertilizer.

  2. Granule Size: The granule size of urea affects its application and can vary from prills (small spherical granules) to granules of different sizes.

  3. Purity: The purity of urea is vital, with higher purity levels being essential for more demanding industrial applications.

Physical Properties

Urea exhibits several distinctive physical properties, including:

  1. Physical State: Urea is typically found in granular or prill form, which is easy to handle and apply.

  2. Color: It is typically white or slightly off-white in color.

  3. Solubility: Urea is highly soluble in water, facilitating its use in liquid fertilizers and irrigation systems.

Industrial Applications

Urea is a versatile compound that plays a pivotal role in various agricultural and industrial processes, including:

  1. Fertilizer Production: Used as a nitrogen fertilizer to enhance plant growth and crop yields.

  2. Agricultural Applications: Applied directly to soil or incorporated into custom-blended fertilizers to meet specific nutrient needs.

  3. Industrial Processes: Utilized in various industrial applications, such as adhesives, plastics, and the manufacturing of resins.

  4. Emission Reduction: In the form of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), urea is used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines.

Packaging for Bulk and Wholesale Export

We offer industrial urea in bulk quantities for wholesale export, with packaging options designed to meet your specific needs:

  1. Bulk Bags: Suitable for large quantities, bulk bags provide efficient handling and transport.

  2. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs): Ideal for medium-sized quantities, IBCs offer convenient storage and transport solutions.

  3. Drums: Smaller quantities can be supplied in drums, ensuring ease of handling and storage.

Safety and Regulations

The handling, storage, and transportation of industrial urea are subject to safety regulations to ensure the well-being of workers and the environment. Proper safety equipment, including personal protective gear, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial when working with industrial urea.

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At GUTIERREZALEU M.T., we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality industrial urea for agriculture and fertilizer applications. For inquiries, orders, or additional information, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the finest industrial-grade urea, backed by our commitment to quality and excellence.