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GUTIERREZALEU M.T. - Your Premier Global Exporter, Importer, and Wholesale Distributor

Welcome to GUTIERREZALEU M.T., your trusted partner in international bulk and wholesale trade. We take immense pride in our standing as a distinguished and reputable company, specializing in the export, import, and distribution of a wide array of products on a global scale. From minerals and spices to frozen seafood, semi-precious stones, and more, we are your go-to source for quality bulk products.

Who We Are

GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is a global leader in the export, import, and wholesale distribution of a diverse range of products. With a history of excellence and a dedication to integrity, we cater to an extensive client base, including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and businesses of all sizes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate seamless trade by bridging the gap between suppliers and buyers on the global stage. We are committed to meeting our clients' needs efficiently, economically, and with unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability. GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is committed to nurturing enduring and prosperous partnerships.

Explore Our Comprehensive Product Range

As one of the leading international distributors, we offer an expansive product portfolio, including but not limited to:

1. Minerals

Our mineral offerings encompass a wide spectrum of raw materials crucial for various industries. Whether you require minerals for manufacturing, construction, or other applications, we provide high-quality options to meet your specifications.

2. Spices

Spices add flavor and flair to the culinary world. We supply an extensive variety of spices, herbs, and seasonings to cater to the discerning tastes of the food industry. Our commitment to quality and freshness ensures that your products stand out.

3. Frozen Seafood

We specialize in the distribution of premium frozen seafood, sourced from the world's oceans. Our products are frozen at the peak of freshness to retain their flavor and nutritional value, making them an ideal choice for retailers, restaurants, and seafood enthusiasts.

4. Dehydrated Seafood

Our dehydrated seafood products are a versatile and long-lasting option for culinary professionals and consumers alike. From dried fish and shrimp to seaweed, we offer a range of dehydrated seafood options to elevate your cuisine.

5. Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones have long been admired for their beauty and metaphysical properties. We offer a stunning array of semi-precious stones, including agates, amethysts, and more, suitable for jewelry making and holistic practices.

6. Salted Leather

Leather is a timeless material with a wide range of applications. Our salted leather products are carefully processed to ensure quality and durability. Whether you're in the fashion industry or require leather for other purposes, we have you covered.

7. Chemical Products

We provide an extensive range of chemical products tailored to various industries. Our commitment to safety and quality is reflected in the chemicals we distribute, making them a dependable choice for manufacturers, laboratories, and other users.

8. Timber

Timber is a fundamental resource for construction, furniture, and woodworking. We offer a selection of high-quality timber products, ensuring that you have access to materials that meet your project's unique specifications.

9. Charcoal & Firewood

Our selection of charcoal and firewood is perfect for grilling, heating, and more. We source and distribute these products to meet the demands of businesses and consumers alike, guaranteeing both quality and sustainability.

10. Cereals & Grains

Cereals and grains are essential staples for countless dishes around the world. Our offerings encompass a variety of these products, including rice, wheat, and more, ensuring that you can provide your customers with the finest ingredients.

11. General Food Products

Our portfolio also includes a wide range of general food products, catering to the needs of food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. From staples to specialty items, we have your culinary requirements covered.


1. Unwavering Commitment to Integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We conduct our operations with complete transparency, honesty, and ethical values. This approach has earned us the trust of countless clients over the years.

2. Proven Track Record

With a history of successful trade, we have a proven track record of delivering quality products, reliable service, and competitive prices. Our satisfied clients worldwide are a testament to our dedication.

3. Global Reach

We have a global reach that extends to various continents and countries. No matter where you are, we can cater to your bulk wholesale needs efficiently and promptly.

4. Sustainability

We are committed to environmentally responsible business practices. Our sustainable sourcing and distribution methods not only reduce our environmental impact but also contribute to a greener future.

5. Comprehensive Services

From product sourcing to logistics, from quality control to compliance, we offer comprehensive services that simplify your international trade experience. This allows you to focus on growing your business while we take care of the details.

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GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is your premier choice for international bulk and wholesale trade. 

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