Terms & Procedures

We are going to try to make all the terms and procedures we use as clear as possible:


1 - We confirm that GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is directly your supplier and responsible for the issuance of all shipping and delivery documents (AWB, BOL, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate, etc.).

2 - We want to offer our clients all possible guarantees of security and trust, so that the business relationship is very long-term and becomes a stable client, giving them all possible payment facilities (LC, PayPal or SWIFT), We will never ask you to send us money via Wester Union, Moneygram, etc. Everything is done via bank management (Banco Español) under the prior issuance of official documentation (Pro-forma Invoice), correctly signed and sealed.

3 - GUTIERREZALEU M.T., has the corresponding E.O.R.I. certificate, as an intra-community and extra-community operator, which is why we carry out monthly procedures with a multitude of customs offices at an international level and this guarantees our clients that we know all the necessary documentation and legislation, so that the merchandise arrives to our clients correctly.

4 - GUTIERREZALEU M.T., works with large international logistics operators, such as CONTAINERS, S.A. (https://www.containers.es), this makes it easier for us to carry out very agile export shipments, land, sea or air freight, internationally.

5 - We deliver FOB, CFR or CIF to any port or airport in the world.

6 - With us our clients can choose two options:

a) Spanish product that guarantees the customer that it meets the highest quality and health standards (In general all our products are Spanish or, failing that, European).

b) Or if the client prefers a lower price and quality is not so important to them, we also have international distribution agreements, signed with Chinese, Indian, South American manufacturers, etc. Countries that allow the same merchandise to be supplied, but at a lower price. The advantage of these countries is having a cheaper workforce and having more flexible health or regulatory regulations than European ones and this manages to lower the costs of production, logistics, export, etc.

A great advantage to have a single supplier with both options!


1- First of all we want to make it very clear that we are not commission agents and we do not charge any commission.

2- We do not mind working with serious intermediaries who have a formal order from a client or acquaintance of theirs, but we do not pay commission to said intermediary, since the product search order is made by their client, so that they can find the product they need and that he does not find. Therefore, it is his client or contact who must pay him his commissions for the work of searching for and finding him a serious and stable supplier.

3- We ask you to refrain from contacting chains of intermediaries, we will only serve one and only one intermediary and always demonstrating his seriousness as a representative of a serious buyer.

4- If someone contacts you indicating that they are an seller mandate or buyer mandate of GUTIERREZALEU M.T., be suspicious immediately, since GUTIERREZALEU M.T. does not issue any type of mandate due to company security policy.

5 - No type of corporate offer is issued or exchanged blindly, all the necessary information is available on our corporate website and will only be quoted once the client tells the intermediary the type of product they need from our website, the quantity monthly or SPOT, the specifications, the port or airport of discharge, etc... Then we will quote you according to your needs and we will indicate under what terms the operation will be carried out, the buyer will inform the intermediary of the acceptance of the proposal and at that time , we will issue an offer addressed only to the buyer, never to third parties or before completing this important step.


1 - If you are a manufacturer and would like to work with a highly reputable international exporter and distributor, you are in the right place and we will be happy to study your product catalog and begin the market studies necessary for international export and distribution according to the characteristics of its materials, GUTIERREZALEU M.T. becoming one of its most important buyers by volume and frequency.

2 - We want to make it very clear to you that GUTIERREZALEU M.T. has its own resources to make the purchase and pick up of its products in your warehouse and does not need funds or financing from third parties to do so.

3 - You will always have the payment guarantee of a Spanish bank and will be backed by the fair trade regulations and laws of the European community.

4 - Have GUTIERREZALEU M.T. As an export client and international distributor, it provides a significant competitive advantage. Our extensive experience and solid reputation in global markets facilitate the internationalization of your products. Benefit from our enormous network of contacts, our knowledge of international regulations and our proven strategies to help your products enter new markets and thus increase your production capacity. This will accelerate your growth and increase your business success. Our aspiration is that thanks to GUTIERREZALEU M.T., you grow in an agile and stable way.


1 - We work with the vast majority of international certifiers (SGS, Intertek, Cotegna, Etc.) and they will be responsible for certifying the loading and closing of the container at the time of shipment (Net/gross weight, units, etc.), so that our customers have absolute peace of mind when waiting for the arrival of their merchandise.

2 - Depending on the type of product, sometimes we also certify the manufacturing and custody chain of the merchandise in the factory, but this is only for very special, complex and valued products.


We will only attend to serious companies correctly identified and we will not issue any confidential document via E-mail without the recipient being correctly identified and with a clear interest in purchase:

1) The customer tells us via email the product, the amount you want to buy, seaport or airport of delivery, payment terms, etc. Along with the information of your company (Web, Dossier, Etc ..) and we give via email a price according to your needs and terms.

2) If the client accepts, a formal offer of sale is sent to him signed and sealed, along with more information and anthers documents if is necesary.

3) The client signs and returns the offer via E-mail.

4) We issue the pro-forma invoice and the customer makes the payment.

5) We start with all the management of processing, packaging, delivery and export of the merchandise to destination.