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In the world of mineral sourcing and exports, finding a reliable supplier of high-quality silica minerals and clay minerals is crucial for businesses across various industries. GUTIERREZALEU M.T. emerges as a shining example in the realm of mineral procurement and exports. Based in Spain, GUTIERREZALEU M.T. has earned a stellar reputation as a direct and trustworthy supplier of silica minerals and clay minerals. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering superior products, we have become the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-tier mineral resources.

Our Commitment to Quality:

At GUTIERREZALEU M.T., quality is the foundation of our business philosophy. We understand that the success of our clients depends on the quality of the minerals they use, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our silica minerals and clay minerals are meticulously sourced from pristine deposits in Spain, known for their purity and exceptional mineral composition.


Direct Sourcing: As direct miners and exporters, we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring cost-effective pricing for our clients. When you choose us, you are dealing directly with the source, simplifying the procurement process.

Reliability: Our track record speaks for itself. Over the years, we have built strong, lasting relationships with clients worldwide by consistently delivering on our promises. You can rely on us for a steady supply of high-quality silica minerals and clay minerals.

Exceptional Customer Service: We believe in going the extra mile for our clients. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you, providing timely responses to inquiries, arranging shipments, and addressing any concerns promptly.

Our Products: Silica Minerals and Clay Minerals

Silica minerals and clay minerals are valued for their diverse applications across industries. These minerals find extensive use in construction, ceramics, cosmetics, and various industrial processes. At GUTIERREZALEU M.T., we offer a range of silica minerals and clay minerals tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

International Reach:

GUTIERREZALEU M.T. takes immense pride in its global presence. Our commitment to exporting premium silica minerals and clay minerals has enabled us to reach clients in various countries. Whether you are in Europe, Asia, the Americas, or any other part of the world, we can fulfill your mineral requirements efficiently and reliably.

Applications of Silica and Clay Minerals:

Construction: Silica minerals and clay minerals are essential components in the construction industry for manufacturing concrete, ceramics, and bricks, contributing to the strength and durability of structures.

Ceramics: Our high-quality minerals enhance the properties of ceramics, making them more durable and versatile. They are used in the production of tiles, tableware, and sanitaryware.

Cosmetics: Silica minerals, in particular, find applications in cosmetics and personal care products due to their absorbent and anti-caking properties.

Its chemical formula is SiO2 and its main and most common form when in crystalline form is Quartz. In a first process of washing the raw mineral from the mine, we separate the kaolin and quartz, giving the most appropriate treatment to each of them separately. In our plants, quartz sands are subjected to different processes to obtain different qualities and granulometric types, specific to the uses of our clients.

Other applications of silica: glass manufacturing, filtration, golf courses, horse riding, soccer, artificial grass, soil drainage, cement, special mortars, etc.

We know perfectly how to treat and how to extract clay, as it is a fine-grained material that, once mixed with water, is easy to shape and, when fired, hardens. We are also specialists in the extraction of red clay, as well as in its transformation. Its color is due to its iron oxide content. Our deposits are of sedimentary origin, forming layers that usually separate those of kaolin mineral. Our clays are those of "kaolinitic" origin, called "refractory", and "flux" or "illite" origin.

Other applications of red clay: the largest production is intended for the manufacture of ceramic floors and coverings, tiles, bricks and gray cement.


In the dynamic world of mineral sourcing and exports, GUTIERREZALEU M.T. shines as a beacon of reliability, quality, and excellence. Our dedication to delivering the finest silica minerals and clay minerals from Spain has solidified our position as the preferred supplier for businesses worldwide. Choose GUTIERREZALEU M.T. as your trusted partner for all your mineral needs, and experience the difference that quality and reliability can make in your industry.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how GUTIERREZALEU M.T. can be your direct and reliable source for silica minerals and clay minerals from Spain.

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